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Scalable Email and SMS Sending for Multi-location and Franchise Brands

From retailers with two outlets to international house-of-brand groups, Onesend knows the challenges; and has the technology, experience and expertise to supercharge your Email and SMS marketing.
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STEP 1: Connect an unlimited number of accounts from your current EDM platform

There’s no limit to the number of accounts you can connect to OneSendHQ, if you have 10 or 10,000 accounts in your network you can connect them all.

STEP 2: Compose your Campaign in the OneSendHQ Account

Composing a campaign in OneSendHQ couldn’t be easier. We dynamically import all your templates for you, and our intuitive step-by-step process is simple and easy to use.

STEP 3: Test your Campaign to see how it will render in the inbox

You only have 1 shot when it comes to getting your campaign error-free in the inbox. OneSendHQ ensures you can test your campaign extensively. We have 3 tiers of testing to ensure you don’t fail.

STEP 4: Send your campaign through all of your connected accounts

You can send it immediately or schedule your campaign, whatever you choose it takes the click of one button, and your campaign will send through your connected accounts. Use the timezone sending feature to ensure your campaign sends at the right time no matter where your network is located.

STEP 5: Recipients receive a Personalised and Localised version of the campaign

Through the use of Personalisation Tags and Localisation Tags, all the recipients will view a version of the campaign as if sent by their local store or outlet.

STEP 6: View real-time Stats and analytics in one consolidated view

Once your campaign has been sent, use our real-time analytics and statistics to see a wholistic and consolidated view of how your campaign is tracking across all of your connected accounts.

Who Uses OneSendHQ?

Marketing Coordinator at Franchise HQ

Marketing Coordinators love OneSendHQ because we give them the power to support their entire network with scalable email sending. A job that seemed impossible is now as easy as clicking a button.
Drive sales for your network with effective EDM Campaigns
Zero constraint on frequency, send as often as you need, to as many accounts as you need
Know every campaign is on-brand, on-message, and is fully tested and quality assured


Marketing Consultants, Strategists, and Agencies love OneSendHQ because we give them the tools to offer scalable email services to their clients and/or to service the franchise market where it was too labor prohibitive in the past.
Easily conduct ‘Done for You’ services
Scale your business with Franchise and Multi-location brands
Manage every client and campaign from 1 central account

Product Managers/

Product Managers and Engineers love OneSendHQ because we help solve a huge scaling problem for their own technology solutions.
Add scale to your own software
Easily offer Email solutions across 1000’s of accounts
Increase recurring revenue by adding a paid service/feature

Turn days of work into a 5-minute job.

Save countless hours, and never chase up a franchisee again! Connect OneSendHQ easily with ActiveCampaign and/or Mailchimp and scale your email sending like you never thought possible.

Job done once!

Stop logging in and out of multiple accounts, copying and pasting templates and content. Do the job once and scale your effort.

Scale with growth

Looking at adding another 5, 50, 500 franchisees this year? OneSendHQ only gets more powerful with the number of accounts you have connected.

Quality Assurance

With account health checks, 3 tiers of campaign testing, consistent campaign branding & messaging, you can operate hassle free knowing you have quality assurance at every level.

Consolidated Analytics and statistics

No more stitching together CSV exports of campaign reports. Get real-time insight to how your email campaigns are performing across your entire network of connected accounts.

Kind words from our Client’s

“Being a franchise model, OneSendHQ has given us the ability to provide branded templates and campaigns in a 'top down' model to our independent dealers, while also allowing them to work in their ActiveCampaign accounts when needed, which we haven't been able to find in any other service... Working with OneSendHQ has been great, they are readily available to help develop and optimise the platform, continually improving its capabilities...”
Courtney Gaynor
Marketing Coordinator, Office Choice
“I had looked everywhere for an Email Marketing Platform that would allow me to provide an effective ‘done-for-you’ email campaign service for my clients, but I just couldn’t find the right solution that would allow me to scale my efforts. When I discovered OneSendHQ and its integration with Mailchimp, I knew it would significantly simplify the task of sending out campaigns on my clients' behalf enabling me to be much more efficient with my time.”
Greg Blumstein
Social Media Marketing Specialist, Promo Social Post

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have doubts? Here's everything we think you should know.

Is OneSendHQ an EDM platform?

No, OneSendHQ is not an EDM platform, OneSendHQ acts more like an aggregator of EDM platforms that leverages sophisticated API capabilities to make it simple and easy for an individual to send a single campaign through multiple EDM Platform accounts.

Is there a limit to how many accounts I can have connected?

You can connect 15, 150,1500, or more, there is no limit to the number of accounts that you can connect to OneSendHQ.

What EDM Platforms does OneSendHQ connect with?

OneSendHQ integrates with ActiveCampaign only. ActiveCampaign is a customer experience automation (CXA) platform that provides tools for marketing automation, email marketing, sales automation, and customer relationship management (CRM). It is designed to help businesses of all sizes streamline their marketing and sales processes, engage with customers, and create personalized experiences.

Is there volume discounting available for large numbers of connected accounts?

Perhaps. We have already geared our pricing towards franchises and multi-location organisations that have many accounts to connect… We will consider volume discounts on a per request basis.

When a Pushdown campaign is sent through all the connected accounts, can it be individually branded per account?

Yes! ActiveCampaign has features that allow for each account’s campaign to be branded uniquely to that account’s requirements. Alomst any component of a campaign can be uniquely branded or styled; logos, colors, team photos, supplier brands, and more can be tailored to each account.

Does OneSendHQ invoice the Franchisor or the franchisee?

We consolidate the billing into one invoice for the franchisor, we do not fragment the invoice to individual franchisees. If you’re an Agency, we can send the invoice to you if you prefer and then it is up to you to pass on the cost to your client.

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