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Franchises and Multi-location businesses are saving 100s of hours and 1000’s of dollars by choosing OneSendHQ.
Annual billing Save 20%

Essentials Plan & Features

Everything you need to manage your own Franchise or Multi-location email campaigns.

We keep it simple we have 1 Plan for everybody

$495 + $10 per connected account/billed monthly
For a short time only, we will include 10 connected accounts in the base billing of $495

Plan & Features

Everything you need to manage your own Franchise or Multi-location email campaigns.

We keep it simple we have 1 Plan for everybody

$4750 + $96 per connected account/billed annually
For a short time only, we will include 10 connected accounts in the base billing of $495

Pushdown Campaigns

Pushdown campaigns are the core of what OneSendHQ does. Sending a LAM campaign through multiple email marketing accounts couldn’t be any easier with OneSendHQ. Our intuitive step-by-step process is simple and easy to use, it feels just like composing a normal email marketing campaign, with one BIG difference; when you click the send button, the campaign is ‘pushed down’ through your connected sub-accounts and delivered to the contacts in each account. Each campaign is localised to the sending account and personalised to the individual recipient.

Synced Templates

To make composing your Pushdown Campaigns a breeze, OneSendHQ sync’s all your templates from your HQ account, the sync happens in real-time so you always have access to your latest templates when composing your Pushdown Campaigns.

Account Health Checks

Managing multiple email marketing accounts can be a challenge. We have built-in a health check for each of your connected accounts to ensure they are configured and set up correctly with OneSendHQ so you don’t have to worry about double-checking your work. We also alert you if we pick up on a configuration issue, and we only allow sending to those accounts that pass the health check.

3 Tier Testing

You only have 1 shot when it comes to getting your campaign error-free in the inbox. OneSendHQ ensures you can test your campaign extensively!

Test Tier 1, sending to yourself. You’ve probably done this type of test 100 times before, as you are composing your EDM you can easily send a test version to yourself to proof-read it. The same thing can be done in OneSendHQ, however, localisation tags and personalisation tags do not render at this tier of testing. This is good for high-level proofing like spelling and grammar.

Test Tier 2, sending multiple versions to yourself. Like tier 1 except you will receive a version of the test for each connected account. Localisation tags and personalisation tags DO render at this tier of testing, so you can really start to see how the end result will appear in each recipient’s inbox. This is great for granular proofing like link validation and correct contact details in the header/footer.

Test Tier 3, sending multiple versions to the admins of the connected accounts. Like Tier 2 except a version is sent to the admin/users of the connected accounts. You can prepend a message to the top of the campaign, for example you may remind each of the admins that your campaign is being scheduled for tomorrow and that they should double check their contact information like phone numbers and street addresses.

Consolidated Stats

Sending an email at scale is one thing, but how do you know how all those campaigns are performing? OneSendHQ consolidates all the stats from each campaign in one centralized view, giving never before seen insight into how your network of accounts is performing.

Personalisation tags

Mailchimp and ActiveCampaign allow you to personalise campaigns using Personalisation tags. These tags can be used in your campaign content when sending campaigns with OneSendHQ. Each platform will recognise the tags during the send process and render the contact’s personal data when it is delivered.

Localisation Tags

Mailchimp and ActiveCampaign allow you to use tags to enter account information, such as Company Name, Website, Phone Number, etc, into the content of your campaigns. OneSendHQ leverages those tags so each campaign sent can be localised to each connected account. Even the Sender Name and Sender Address is unique to each connected account… giving the recipient a truly localised and personalised experience.

Revenue Report

For connected ActiveCampaign accounts, revenue reporting is collected and added to the consolidated reports with in OneSendHQ, giving you a richer insight to a campaign’s performance, you can see how each connected account performed as well as a running total for the overall campaign.

Timezone sending

Place Your Campaigns in the Recipient’s Inbox at Exactly the Right Time!
When enabled, the timezone sending feature will send Pushdown campaigns based on the timezone of the local store. For example, if you schedule the delivery time to 9 am, a recipient in Sydney will be sent the campaign at 9 am in Sydney, while a recipient in Perth will be sent the campaign at 9 am in Perth.

Unlimited Administrators

Most enterprise platforms charge you for the number of administrators you have. We don’t. Add as many admins as you need to run your business & your marketing effectively.

Australia-based Support

Located in Australia, we’re here with you, in your timezone. If you ever need anything you can get help by:

In-App Chat
Knowledge Base (text, screenshots and videos)
Franchisors and Head Office Marketing also assigned their a dedicated Account Manager who understands your unique requirements.

Single Sign On (SSO)

For connected ActiveCampaign accounts. With SSO you can easily and seamlessly login into any connected account, to gain richer insights to campaign reports or to manage the individual account from within.


You’re not alone. We’re here to help get you set up quickly and efficiently. We offer a configuration and onboarding option with every HQ account. However, if you’re the type of person who loves knowledge bases and help docs we have all that too, and if you get stuck halfway then our help team can always give you the nudge you need to push through.

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